Beers, wines and chocolate

All the wines and beers at Trinity Wholefoods are organic and vegetarian, many of which are vegan and labeled as such. Amongst our selection of European red, white and rose we have fairly traded Stella (no added sulphur/low sulphur) Merlot and Cabaret Sauvignon and Live-a-Little ravishing red alongside wildly wicked white from South Africa. Most of our wines are ordered from Vintage Roots but we are also offer customers locally produced wines and liqueurs from award winning Seddlescombe Vineyard, all of which are organic (of course) and vegan! A few Champagnes and sparkling wines are kept in stock for those special occasions.

Everybody needs a little Booja Booja chocolate now and then! If you fancy a guilt free treat we have their sugar free raw chocolate truffles in our chiller! Sweetened with agarve syrup these gluten-free, vegan truffles are delicious! We also stock Brighton-based Montezuma, Organica, Plamil, Green & Blacks and the local raw Conscious Chocolate.