Fresh Organic Produce

All the fresh produce sold at Trinity Wholefoods is Soil Association certified organic. During the growing season we receive five weekly deliveries of fresh fruit and vegetables with a significant proportion from the local Pannel and Hankham Farms. Check out our local suppliers page for more information on these growers. Buying locally sourced vegetables means that we can offer seasonal freshly picked produce to our customers. For those who are unfamiliar with locally grown vegetables such as Red Kuri squashes, Cavallero Nero and Kohl Rabi we have a free information and recipe leaflets as a guide to explore new and seasonal culinary delights. The Trinity Newsletter also regularly features tried and tested recipes from members of the co-operative and we are always happy to receive recipes from our customers too.

Trinity always prioritises locally sourced produce but in order to offer customers a wide range of organic fruit and vegetables throughout the year we also receive imported goods from our suppliers Langridges, based in London. If we are unable to source it locally then we prioritise British, if imported we always choose sea-freight over air-frieght and always label the fruit and vegetables clearly with country of origin so that customers can make an informed choice when buying their produce from us.

Award-winning local bakery Judges delivers fresh organic bread six days a week. On Fridays and Saturdays we can now offer their delicious organic gluten-free buckwheat loaf and on Saturdays we get a delivery of their very popular spelt loaves. Customers are able to reserve bread in advance and at the end of each day unsold bread is frozen and can be sold with a 20p reduction in price.