Trinity Wholefoods is a workers co‑operative subscribing to co‑operative principles and values since its inception in 1984. Trinity is dedicated to the provision and promotion of vegetarian and vegan natural, organic, fairly traded wholefoods and related products. We aim to do this by trading fairly and equitably for the benefit of workers, customers, trading partners, the local community and the environment. To this end we aim to meet the following objectives:

As a registered workers co‑operative we adopt and adhere to a constitution advocating equality, democracy and fairness. These principles apply to the running and management of the business and our relations with suppliers, producers and customers.We work closely with other co‑operatives in sustaining these ideals.

We promote healthy nutritious diets based on the ethics of plant based wholefoods. We advocate vegetarian, vegan and compassionately produced foods reflecting our care, concern and respect for ourselves, animals and the environment.

Trinity wholefoods is committed to providing as wide a range of organic products and produce as possible. It has been registered Soil Association Certified since trading began in 1985. Rigorous annual inspections ensure all our bagged organically grown goods are of the highest standards. We operate a policy of not stocking any genetically modified foods.

Fresh produce is locally sourced where possible. We support the local economy by providing an outlet for local artisan producers of fresh, organic and non‑food products. We support fair trade initiatives.

We are opposed to the exploitation of animals and animal testing. Our non‑food products are cruelty free and we never knowingly stock any items that have been tested on animals either as raw ingredients or as a finished product.

Trinity Wholefoods is committed to continually reducing its environmental impact. We implement policies of recycling, using ecologically sound packaging, structural materials lighting and electrical goods and subscribing to green energy.

We believe in actively participating in our local community. We support food and arts events and work hard to promote our principles and philosophy by sharing and contributing awareness and information within our community.